Projects completed in March 23

The only thing more diverse than the weather we have experienced over this month is the jobs being completed by the HMS crews!
Resin Bonded Coloured Paving

Come wind, rain (and the occasional flurries of snow!) we always put our customers first and do our best to fulfill scheduled jobs, despite the weather trying its hardest to stop us in our tracks!

So, here’s a little round-up of some of the jobs we completed over March …

Car park, footpath & cycle bay demarcation

Resin Bonded Coloured Paving

We attended a site in Birkenhead and completed works on behalf of Trustland Construction, laying multiple coloured paving which is a great way to demarcate car parking bays, footpaths, and cycle lanes! We used three different Resin Bonded mixes to complete these jobs to the client’s specifications, a Natural Coated Green. Grey Bauxite and a Silver Blue aggregate – all coming together to form the finished product! Not only does this type of work increase safety for cyclists and pedestrians, but it also tidies the area up leaving no loose stone for cars to skid on or pedestrians to slip.

Resin Bonded footpaths within the Waterbeach development

Resin Bonded Footpath

We also managed to find a break in the weather to complete 1500m2 within the brand-new Waterbeach Development on behalf of ECL Civil Engineering! The rain tried its hardest to stop us on this one, but the crew came prepared and were able to dry the ground off using a thermal lance before installing our Resin Bonded mix on top. As the site is still undergoing work, conventional methods of drying the ground couldn’t be used as there was no way to make the lance reach the entire way – luckily – we had anticipated the weather letting us down (not our first rodeo!) and brought a smaller compressor on a trailer which was able to span the entire length of the job and was easily moved ensuring that even the furthest points of the job could be dried effectively before installation!

Resin Bound footpaths at the South West Lands development in Wembley Park

Resin Bound Paving

Back at Wembley Park … and we’re seriously going to have to start timing these better with England games so the crew can enjoy a few beers after a long shift! We are one of the paving contractors working on this site on behalf of CIK Construction, this time round we were laying a Resin Bound path that connected the main door exit to the rear entrance of the car park. We also installed some smaller pieces outside the front of the main door around small seating areas and a cycle rack – all in a day’s work! We have completed works several times on this site and are proud to of been involved in several stages of its construction – we look forward to seeing how it looks when it’s finished! How about we come to take a look around at 19:45 on the 16th of June…that date and time just works for us?!

Private Driveway in rural Derbyshire

Resin Bonded Paving

Next, we were in rural Derbyshire to complete a private driveway on behalf of Redbrook Construction Services – the weather was NOT our friend on this one! After a couple of visits and having no luck with the weather, we wondered if this job could ever be completed…

Then, early Friday morning, we saw there was a break in the weather and wasted no time! An extra man was needed to get this entire job done in one day, as the previous three days had done a good job of soaking the ground, we would have to dry the entire area before we could install any of our product onto it – so that’s what we did! 750m2 of Amber Gold was laid and as we got the last piece in, the heavens opened again… got to love the English weather! Despite the weather, once completed the job looked very impressive (if we don’t say so ourselves!) and the client was very vocal about how impressed he was with the finished product (and that the weather had given us a break!).

Other than just being pleasing to the eye, the Resin Bonded aggregate will keep this driveway looking like this for years to come, the owners don’t need to worry about weeds growing through or loose stone being spilled everywhere, and, in icy conditions, they won’t have to worry about driving around on it as the aggregate will provide extra grip minimising the risk of any accidents!

So, there is our March, it wouldn’t be fun if it was easy, right?! This month is a testament to how our crews can adapt and work within challenging weather conditions to still get jobs completed to the highest standard! We have been doing this for some time now, and so come up trump with all the little tips and tricks you pick up over the years … and have the tools to make it work! Thinking of a project that could use some industry know-how to be completed on time? Think HMS!

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