Non Slip Pool Deck Surfaces

Install a non slip pool surface deck with a resin bound surface dressing. Lay to pool surrounds and decks for a clean, safe & fully porous surfacing solution.

Resin Surfacing for Swimming Pool Decks & Surrounds

Our Decra®Set resin bound paving is not only a modern & contemporary choice for pool surface surrounds it is also practical.

The SUDS compliant porous paving allows excess water to drain freely into the surface base, or can work with the pools own drainage & filtration system. In either case, standing water and ponding is eliminated, making it a safer and cleaner pool environment.

Reduced standing water also means less slippage and less bacteria build-up, including those that irritate the skin, and those that cause mould and mildew staining.

Decra Set Resin Bound Swimming Pool
Decra Set Resin Bound Swimming Pool

Comparing Pool Deck Surfaces

Resin bound paving has absolutely no migration of loose stone and still maintains excellent slip resistance, even when wet.

It is superior to more alternative materials such as timber or composite decking on account of its excellent slip resistance, and porous build up, meaning excess and surface water can escape immediately, and not sit on the surface.

Maintenance is practically zero, with no treating, staining or even cleaning required.

Constructed using the best quality natural aggregates and specialist binders, your installation should look perfect for years with very little if any ongoing maintenance.

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