How to disguise your drain cover

Say goodbye to old, rusted & unsightly manhole & drain covers with concealed resin bound access covers from HMS. Create the perfect finish to your project!

Resin bound drain covers

Recessed fillable resin bound manhole and drainage covers are the perfect finishing touch to your Decra®Set resin bound paving installation. 

Create invisible access to your utilities and say goodbye to old, rusted and unsightly manhole and drain covers!

DecraSet Resin Bound Manhole & Drain Cover - Driveway
Manhole & Drain Covers

Decorative manholes covers

Invisible manhole and drain covers work in a similar way to more traditional access covers, but with one key difference. Our covers create a recessed tray, usually 40 – 80mm in depth that can then be infilled with resin bound paving material as part of the installation process.

The finished result is then a perfectly matching drain or manhole cover, almost invisible against your adjacent surfacing. It is still easily accessible using the discreet handles on each side. Therefore, there is no compromise on functionality and definitely no compromise on the finished result!

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