Flexi®Joint Bridge Expansion Joint System

Our bridge expansion joint system is approved by the Highway Agency to replace failing expansion joints on the carriageway. 

What is Flexi®Joint?

Expansion Joints for Bridges, Roads and other structures

Bridge Joint Association
Bridge Joint Association

Approved Installer

Our Flexi®Joint system is approved by the Highway Agency, Certificate Number 026 and we are also an approved installer for various Bridge Expansion Joint Systems on all classes of highways in the UK.

Flexible Material

Polymer modified bitumen is carefully combined with selected road aggregates for a plug design that provides a superior flexible replacement road surfacing material, which bonds to the bridge deck and is waterproof.

Quick Installation

Flexi®Joint is quickly and easily installed lane by lane if required, therefore minimising site possession time and the costly problem of lane closures.

Flexi®Joint Benefits

Here at HMS, we compliment our extensive range of surfacing solutions with our expertise in polymer modified bridge expansion joint systems.

An asphaltic plug joint, Flexi®Joint has been designed to cater for small to medium expansion gap movements on bridges and other structures.

Although simple in concept, it can incorporate sub-surface drainage and is an ideal replacement system.

Flexi®-Joint is also an ideal solution for low range movement joints where noise containment is of primary importance.

Some rigid joint systems with metal runners or bolted units can cause noise pollution in urban areas.

Flexi®-Joint has the added benefit of being virtually silent when trafficked at high speed.

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