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Looking for a surfacing solution that has the perfect balance between strength and style? Resin bound surfacing’s easy-care, durable & aesthetic properties means it’s perfect for roads, public footpaths and driveways. 

What is Resin Bound Surfacing?

Resin bound surfacing is a modern alternative to more traditional surfacing solutions such as concrete, tarmac and loose gravel. It has the strength of concrete and the aesthetically pleasing appeal of natural gravel or stone.

It uses UV stable resin to bind loose aggregates, which results in a surfacing solution to rival concrete. What’s more, it comes in a variety of colour options and is great for road, footpath and car park demarcation. 

Furthermore, resin bound surfacing is SUDS compliant and allows excess surface water to drain through to the ground. Therefore, it is often the surfacing choice for local authorities, especially with the increase in flooding over recent years.

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Decra®Set resin bound paving from HMS is a permeable, SUDS compliant surfacing system. It’s a decorative surfacing process that consists of specially selected natural, coloured or recycled aggregates. 

We combine natural aggregate with high performance UV stable resins to produce a surface that is:

  • SUDS compliant
  • extremely long lasting
  • smooth yet slip-resistant
  • hard-wearing and low maintenance
  • looks great!

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Your Perfect Paving Solution


Resin bound surfacing is a hard-wearing solution that can handle heavy traffic. It is Ideal for access roads, bus lanes and slip or service roads.


The non-slip, low maintenance and water permeable properties of resin bound paving means it's ideal for public footpaths and walkways.


A resin bound overlay provides a decorative surfacing that harmonises with its surroundings and has durable, easy-care properties look great.

Car Parks

Reduce upkeep costs with a resin bound surface. It's not only cost effective and pleasing to the eye, its non-slip properties also means it's safe for cars and pedestrians.


Resin bound paving is a beautiful alternative to gravel and concrete driveways. It's durable, easy-care qualities ensures it continues to look good for years to come.


Create unique garden designs with Decra®Set. Our range of textures and colours will complement any design and produce unique landscapes.

Stands apart from the crowd

HMS’s Decra®Set surfacing stands apart from other commercial and domestic surface treatments, thanks to its water permeable properties. As a result, air can circulate and excess water can naturally drain through the surface.

Further more, all resins used in our bound paving products are manufactured and tested in the same way as the market-leading brands and are of the exceptional quality. Every HMS resin bound system is tested for strength, durability, flexibility and SUDS compliance.

Resin Bound Surfacing SUDS Compliance

Decra®Set complies with the government’s Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS), which enables surface water to permeate the ground. Therefore, in built-up and urban areas it helps to reduce flooding and relieves pressure on mains drainage systems. 

As a result, HMS’s resin bound surfacing system is perfect for:

  • landscaping areas that include trees and foliage
  • areas around swimming pools and water features
  • driveways with poor mains drainage
  • areas prone to standing water
Resin Bound Surfacing - Water Permeable


Resin bound paving is a decorative surfacing solution that mixes resin and aggregate together to create a mixture that can be applied to a surface using a trowel. The result is a surface that takes on the aesthetic appearance of gravel that has a completely smooth, flat finish with zero trip hazards and stone migration.

Not only does this seamless finish look great, it’s also durable, strong, low maintenance and functional, which makes it the perfect solution for city centre pedestrianised areas, driveways, car parks and access roads.

It is quickly becoming the surfacing of choice for architects, landscape designers and civil engineers, as no other surfacing solution has all these qualities:

  •  Permeable. Water can drain through the surface, reducing surface water run-off and the potential for flooding. And as long as the sub-base is also permeable, this surfacing choice is SUDS compliant.
  • Slip resistant. Although it has a smooth finish, by sprinkling fine crushed glass before the surfacing is cured, it adds slip resistance, without compromising on appearance and functionality.
  • Seamless finish. By trowelling pre-mixed resin bound to a surface, it guarantees a completely flat, smooth and seamless finish (especially if the surface area can be completed in one day).
  • Low maintenance. Due to the application process of resin bound surfacing, very few weeds grow and it therefore requires very little maintenance. A sweep is often all that’s needed!
  • Limited colour-fade. As long as good quality UV-stable resins are used, a resin bound surface is resistant to sunlight and will not fade with time … as another benefit to using good quality resins, the surfacing becomes resistant to petrol and oil spills.
  • Design Flexibility. The application of resin bound is incredibly flexible due to it being soft when it’s applied. This enables surfacing contractors to experiment with their designs making it a beautiful alternative to more traditional paving such as concrete or tarmac.
  • Hard-wearing. Resin bound paving is durable and incredibly hard wearing. You would find it difficult to snap a piece of resin bound paving! This means that this surfacing can be used for pedestrian areas and also cope with vehicle us such as driveways and access roads!

More information can be found in are article on the ‘Common Questions Around Resin Bound Surfacing‘.

Resin bonded surface dressing is the process of scattering loose gravel or aggregate onto resin after it has been applied to a surface. It takes on the appearance of loose gravel but is basically stuck to the ground. This means there is little or no stone migration with a high-friction finish, which makes it the perfect surfacing choice for slopes, ramps and winter conditions.

There are many other plus points to resin bonded surfacing dressing with the main one in are opinion, being the range of colours available when compared to traditional concrete and tarmac finishes. This enables architects, landscape designers and civil engineers to select a surfacing that compliments the surrounding area.

For example, HMS are often appointed to lay resin bonded surfacing dressing in and around the Cotswolds area. We often use a custom aggregate blend to match the natural Cotswold stone so that the surfacing blends with the natural environment.

We personally feel that resin bound is the superior surfacing due to its exclusive features. Having said that, it does completely depend on your project.

Both have a wide range of colours available and take on the appearance of loose stone (although resin bonded more closely matches loose stone as it is not encapsulated within a resin mix; it sits on top of, or is stuck to, a coat of resin which is first applied to a surface). Basically, it depends on your project requirements:

  • Do you need to comply with the Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS)?
    If so, then resin bonded surfacing is not for you. The resin completely covers the surface making it impossible for water to drain through to the ground below.Whereas resin bound surfacing is a mix of resin and aggregate before it is applied. The resin completely covers the stone, and once cured, are bound together. Because of this, small wholes are left in the surface which allows water to drain through to the sub-base, and as long as the sub-base is also permeable, you get yourself a SUDS compliant surfacing solution.
  • Are you looking for a high friction surfacing that looks good?
    This is where you would choose resin bonded surfacing. Because it isn’t mixed with resin before it’s laid, the stone naturally provides additional friction.
As previously explained, resin bonded surface dressing takes on the appearance more of loose gravel and stone, which is often the preferred surfacing to fit in with more historical surroundings or heritage sites. It also offers increased slip resistance, which is perfect for slopes, ramps and areas prone to a lot of winter frost. Resin bound paving has a smooth, modern finish and improves the finish of any property, whether it is a domestic driveway or hard landscaping surrounding a commercial building. Because of its permeable properties, it’s the perfect surfacing for new developments (and if specified in the original planning application, planning permission is more easily granted). By reducing surface water run-off, the risk of flooding is significantly reduced. It also acts as a natural filter, which means most of the pollutants that are filtered out before they reach our waterways … so doing its bit for the environment. Another significant benefit is its durability. It is incredibly hard-wearing and can support trafficked areas such as car parks, driveways and access roads. When compared with resin bonded surfacing, bold patches may appear over time where the stone has come loose from the resin base, but resin bound will look as good as the day it was laid (with maintenance) 15 – 20 years later. Check our our gallery and see if you can tell the difference!

Because resin bound paving has a smooth finish, you will be forgiven for thinking that it’s slippery. However, the surface does have enough texture to ensure slip resistance on slopes, driveways and paths.

 Resin BoundResin Bonded
SUDS compliant
Little/no stone migration
High friction
Looks great
Frost resistant
Environmentally friendly
Resin bound gravel is available from several stockists around the UK. Here at HMS, our sister company RSD, sells resin bound kits (and bonded kits) from its Leicestershire Head Office. They can also be purchased online where we can despatch via our haulage company at reasonable rates.


Laying Resin Bound Surfacing


If you are looking for a hassle-free installation, then our resin bound surfacing costs can start from as little as £40 per m2,  based on average base construction and installation thickness. For an accurate price, request a quote or opt for a free site survey.

DIY Trade Kit

Fancy giving it a go yourself? HMS existing customers can save 50% by purchasing a DIY Resin Bound Surfacing Trade Kit – we offer the exact same quality and range of colours and finishes as our installation service at competitive trade prices.

DecraStone Trade Kit

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Resin bound aggregates is an hard-wearing outdoor paving solution for pedestrian & vehicle use

Resin bound gravel comes in a variety of colours, textures and finishes.

We stock the largest range of resin bound stone in the Midlands.


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