Rubber Surfacing

Welcome to the future of paving solutions with our revolutionary 50:50 rubber aggregate paving, Decra®Flex. Our cutting-edge paving system combines the durability of recycled rubber with the strength of high-quality aggregates to create a flexible surface that stands the test of time.

What is Decra®Flex rubber paving?

Decra®Flex uses a 50:50 combination of recycled rubber crumb and loose stone. The slip-resistant, low maintenance, and flexible properties make it perfect for bridleways, pedestrian walkways, and cycle lanes.

Why choose Decra®Flex 50:50 rubber aggregate paving?


Our paving solution is engineered to endure the hardest conditions, providing a long-lasting surface that can withstand heavy footfall and extreme weather.


By incorporating recycled rubber into our mix, we not only enhance the paving performance, but also contribute to a greener environment.


Whether it’s a pedestrian walkway, cycle lane or bridleway, our 50:50 rubber & aggregate paving is adaptable to various applications for a solution that suits your needs.

Reduced Costs

Say goodbye to frequent repairs and maintenance. Our 50:50 rubber aggregate paving minimises the need to constant upkeep, saving you time and money in the long run.


Much like resin bound paving, Decra®Flex is a porous paving solution that allows water to drain through the ground, preventing slip hazards and reducing flooding.

Flexipave alternative

As the leading resin surfacing contractor, we have developed our very own flexible paving that rivals Flexipave on install and price.

Decra®Flex features

With the combination of rubber and aggregate, Decra®Flex acts as a safety feature by providing excellent traction for pedestrians, cyclists, and horse riders.

The rubber crumb and aggregate are bound with UV-stable resin, ensuring the surface is protected from discolouration and damage caused by the sun.

By allowing water to drain through the surface, Decra®Flex naturally filters the water removing any pollutants before it meets groundwater sources. Additionally, this porous rubber paving reduces the risk of flooding.

The rubber aspect of this paving solution provides some surface flex, making this the perfect surfacing solution for countryside bridleways and cycle lanes. This is due to the flex in the surface reducing the risk of serious harm should an accident happen. 

Dependant on the specification, Decra®Flex can be applied directly to compacted earth if it is used with a minimum surface depth of 35mm and is therefore suitable for no-dig construction. On top of this, Decra®Flex, doesn’t require any passive support.

Due to its porosity, our combined gravel and rubber paving reduces the need for planning permission in built-up areas.

Looking to specify Decra®Flex?

Simply download our specification sheet and then specify it in your project portfolio or simply add spec to your NBS project.

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