Anti-skid High Friction Surfacing

High friction surfacing has been installed by HMS for more than 25 years’ to considerably reduce road accidents caused by skidding, slipping or sliding. What’s more, it’s great for increasing slip resistance on public footpaths, car parks and ramps.

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    Our Expertise

    At HMS, we have been laying high friction surfacing to our country’s roads for many years. We are trusted by local authorities, the Highways England and other contractors to deliver the best quality and industry certified materials that are designed to be used in high stress and intense trafficked areas, such as:
    • Junctions
    • Roundabouts
    • Pedestrian crossings
    • Motorway slip roads
    • Sharp bends
    • Cycle or bus lanes.
    We alone lay tens of thousands of meters every year to reduce braking distances and skidding on uneven surfaces, sharp bends or tight corners, particularly in wet conditions.

    This type of surfacing works by combining an epoxy resin binder with calcined bauxite aggregate, which can then be applied either hot or cold. The aggregate improves tyre grip by creating numerous high contact pressure points to reduce the chances of vehicles skidding.

    BBA HAPAS Approved Installer

    BBA-approved contractor

    BBA HAPAS Type 1

    HMS are approved to the BBA HAPAS Type 1 certification scheme for hot and cold high friction surfacing installation. It is the highest quality standard under the BBA certification scheme and enables us to apply hot or cold surfacing systems that produce the best-in-class solution to increase friction between the road surface and vehicle tyres.

    BBA Approved Installer

    HMS is a BBA approved installer (number 5020) and therefore satisfies the Highways England specifications that both the product and the installer needs to be accredited by BBA to install high friction surfacing.

    Motorway & Trunk Roads

    Only BBA Type 1 surfacing processes are permitted to install high friction road surfacing on motorways or trunk roads. Therefore, with HMS’s combined expert installation team and our Type 1 approval, we are ideally placed to meet your motorway or trunk road surfacing requirements.

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    The benefits of high friction surfacing

    Better known as anti-skid surfacing, high friction surfacing from HMS can reduce road traffic accidents by over 50%. It is available in a wide variety of colours and can be laid as a discreet road surface that blends with the environment or a bold and bright surface to draw attention to a particular road hazard. 

    Furthermore, it is fully compatible with line marking for accident blackspots or road hazard identification. In summary, the main benefits are:

    • Improved road and public safety
    • Reduced braking distances if vehicles need to stop suddenly
    • Lowered risk of skidding if brakes are applied sharply
    • Highlighting potential road hazardous areas
    • Flexible surfacing solution that can be laid to metal, concrete and tarmac
    • Winter-grade materials are available on request
    • Wide choice of colours for hazard identification.
    HMS Anti Skid Surfacing - roundabout

    Example Surfaces with High Friction

    Road Surfacing



    Pedestrian Crossings

    Cycle Lanes

    Sharp Bends

    Other applications

    Anti-skid surfacing for Pedestrians

    Whilst high friction surfacing is more commonly applied to roads, it is also used for public footpaths, ramps, cycle routes and car parks. 

    Consequently, providing excellent slip resistance for pedestrian walkways during severe or adverse weather conditions to help prevent slips or falls.

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