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Resin bound and resin bonded paving solutions are excellent options for use within the healthcare industry above all, for its aesthetic qualities and hard-wearing, slip resistant features.

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Resin Bonded Surface Dressing

Decra®Stone resin bonded paving can be laid over existing good-quality surfacing such as concrete or tarmac and offers enhanced slip-resistance for pedestrian and vehicle use. It is:

  • extremely hard-wearing
  • available in a wide variety of colours
  • improves safety
  • suitable for hard landscaping areas
Moreover, it comprises of non-toxic, low odour binders and naturally occurring aggregates, making it an obvious and economical choice.

Resin Bound Surfacing

Decra®Set resin bound paving is equally popular, due to its free-draining properties and completely smooth finish. It provides:

  • excellent slip resistance
  • perfect level finish
  • surface that allows water to drain
  • safe winter cover minus icy puddles
  • hard-wearing, low upkeep surface

Consequently, this makes our resin bound paving a popular choice for people with reduced physical ability, sight impairment and for those using mobility equipment such as wheelchairs or walking aids.

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