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Anti skid green high friction surfacing A5 Telford Bus Gate

Q: What is coloured surfacing used for?
A: Coloured surfacing is used for a variety of applications but most commonly bus and cycle demarcation on the highway, safety delineation, and other uses such as car park marking and pedestrian route layouts.

Q: What exactly is it?
A: There are two material types; hot and cold – or epoxy and thermoplastic. Cold applied coloured surfacing is applied using a sandy, black or pigment coloured binder, which is then dressed off with either natural granite or bauxite chippings coated in the desired colour. Hot applied comprises resin and stone in a single component, pigmented to the required colour, and applied with a screed.

Q: What colours are available?
A: All of them! More commonly projects are specified using one of the standard road construction colours including Traffic Red, Bold Green, Blue, and occasionally Lemon Yellow. However coated stone can be produced to match any RAL number, and can be coloured to match individual company branding.

Q: Is it hard wearing enough for vehicles?
A: Yes. Whether you require a BBA approved road grade product or not, all of our coloured surfacing options are suitable to moderate to heavy vehicle use.

Q: Can it be used on existing surfacing?
A: Yes –this surfacing can be applied to new or existing tarmac or concrete surfaces and can overlay existing coloured surfacing if required. The quality and longevity will be affected by the condition of the existing surface, but preparatory and repair options can also be suggested.

Q: Is it skid resistant?
A: Yes, absolutely. Our products can be constructed using either 50 PSV + granite, or 70 PSV + bauxites for optimum skid resistance.

Q: What’s the cost?
A: Prices vary from scheme to scheme, but coloured surfacing starts nominally from £25.00 per square meter. Contact us to discuss further requirements.

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