Garden Hard Landscaping Ideas With Resin Surfacing

Resin based surfacing is becoming increasingly popular as a solution within homeowner gardens, especially for paths, patios & areas of hard landscaping.

Why Choose Resin for your Garden?

Resin garden surfacing provides homeowners not only with durability, but with a wide variety of colour and finish options makes it a versatile choice for garden hard landscaping.

In particular, resin bound surfacing is becoming increasingly popular as the modern alternative to more traditional surfacing options such as block or crazy paving.

Its durability, zero stone migration, porous qualities and smooth, yet non-slip underfoot texture, makes it the perfect choice for contemporary outdoor recreational spaces.

These assets also make it suitable for use with garden furniture, planters and trees and can additionally provide a safe outdoor play area for children.

How Much Does a Resin Garden Cost?

Eco Friendly Garden

Using resin bound or bonded surfacing for your garden’s hard landscaping can be more cost effective than you think.

Due to its low impact use, a smaller amount of product can be applied, which achieves the same results and ultimately saves time and money.

With prices starting from £13 per square meter for our most popular DIY packs, upgrading your path, patio or hard landscaping area is easy and budget friendly.

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