Reflecting on a remarkable year in 2023!

As we bid adieu to the past 12 months, we can’t help but look back on what a phenomenal year 2023 has been.
David Bowie Tribute

Our journey has been filled with challenges, growth, and most importantly, triumphs, where we’ve had many successes across various sectors.

House Builders & Developers

2023 has been particularly rewarding within the house building sector and we are immensely proud to have secured and successfully executed contracts within this sector. It is a testament to our workmanship and the commitment of our installation teams that we have created sturdy, reliable resin surfaces that complement the essence of every home and its environment.  Here are just a few projects we’ve worked on in the last year:

Bovis Homes

Resin Bound Surfacing

HMS has been actively involved in multiple phases of the Bovis Homes’ Collingtree development in Northamptonshire, focusing on laying a durable and aesthetically pleasing resin bound paving for footpaths.

As you can see, the durability and aesthetic appeal of the resin bound paving harmonises with the surrounding environment and materials used in the development. Not only that, but we have also created a pedestrian-friendly environment that offers long-term benefits through low-maintenance solutions.

Morris Homes

Resin Bonded Paving

In collaboration with ECL Civil Engineering, HMS has successfully completed a series of phased visits to Morris Homes’ new housing development in Wintringham. The team laid approximately 1,000 m² of stunning resin bonded paving in rich Amber Gold, specifically chosen for shared access driveways.

The project highlights our commitment to both aesthetic appeal and functionality, with resin bonded paving considered ideal for the driveways. Overall, the project showcases the team’s expertise in enhancing the visual and practical aspects of any housing development.

Runnymede Homes

Resin Bonded Surfacing

HMS completed a project for Runnymede Homes Ltd at their Waterloo Farm development in Leatherhead, Surrey. The project’s focus was laying Amber Gold resin bonded paving to shared access driveways.

This non-permeable decorative surface utilises high-performance resins and ensures durability and longevity for outdoor spaces. The project not only prioritises aesthetic appeal but also underscores our commitment to quality and resilience in outdoor surfacing solutions.

Rose Builders

Resin Bound Paving at Painters Place, East Bergholt in Colchester

HMS collaborated with Rose Builders at Painters Place, East Bergholt in Colchester, for a luxury housing development catering to individuals over 55. The team successfully installed 1,500m² resin bound surface across footpaths, communal landscaped areas, and a car park.

The resin bound material was chosen for its ability to provide a slip-resistant, low-maintenance, and hard-wearing luxury finish, highlighting its versatility for various applications. This project underscores a commitment to delivering high-quality outdoor surfaces that meet both aesthetic and practical requirements.

In 2023, HMS also forged successful collaborations with other notable house builders, showcasing their expertise in outdoor surfacing solutions. Working alongside industry leaders such as Lioncourt Homes, Persimmons Homes, Redrow Homes, Hurst Homes, and Bloor Homes, HMS has demonstrated its versatility and commitment to delivering high-quality results.

These partnerships highlight the trust placed in HMS by prominent players in the housing development sector, emphasising the team’s ability to meet diverse project requirements and contribute to the creation of aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor spaces for a range of residential developments.

Sports & Leisure

From fitness sites to leisure facilities, our commitment to excellence has shone through in every project. We’ve had the privilege of being a part of creating high-performance surfaces that enhance the athletic experience and leisure spaces where people can unwind and enjoy quality recreational activities. Our 2023 project in the sports and leisure sector include:

New David Lloyd Leisure Facility in Rugby

Resin Bound Paving, David Lloyd

HMS achieved a significant success story with the completion of resin bound paving at the new David Lloyd Clubs UK facility in Houghton, Rugby. The leisure facility’s entrance, spa, and communal areas now boast beautifully landscaped surroundings thanks to the installation of stunning resin bound paving.

This project not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the leisure facility but also showcases HMS’s expertise in overcoming challenges and delivering outstanding outdoor surfacing solutions.

The Hawks Nest, Shepherds Bush Market, London

Resin Bound Paving at The Hawk's Nest, Shepherds Bush Market, Lond

The Hawk’s Nest Bar and Restaurant, situated in Shepherd’s Bush Market, recently underwent a transformative upgrade with the completion of a stunning resin bound courtyard. In collaboration with Dx Developments Ltd, HMS meticulously crafted a custom blend that precisely matched the client’s specifications, bringing the vision for the outdoor space to life.

This newly installed resin bound courtyard not only enhances the aesthetic charm of The Hawk’s Nest but also contributes to its functionality. The project underscores HMS’s commitment to delivering tailored, high-quality outdoor surfacing solutions that elevate the appeal of iconic London establishments, providing a visually striking and welcoming environment for patrons in Shepherd’s Bush Market.

David Bowie Tribute, Beckenham High Street

David Bowie Tribute

HMS, in collaboration with FM Conway, undertook a significant project in Beckenham to transform the iconic David Bowie lightning bolt, outside the Three Tuns Pub (now Zizzi’s). This location holds historical significance as the place where David Bowie launched his music career. The electrifying makeover pays homage to the legendary Starman by blending art and music history.

The transformation involved laying 70mm of porous resin bound paving and 30mm of EPDM safety surfacing, utilising a UV-stable resin binder to ensure durability. With a focus on shock absorbency and UV protection, the goal is to create a lasting tribute that stands the test of time and continues to showcase the iconic lightning bolt for years to come. This project exemplifies HMS’s commitment to merging artistry, heritage, and innovative surfacing solutions.


Education is the foundation of a thriving society, and we are honoured to have played a role in supporting this foundation. Our contracts in the education sector have allowed us to contribute to the creation of safe, durable surfaces for schools and educational institutions, fostering an environment conducive to learning. Here is a summary of some of our educational projects we worked on in 2023:

Leicester University

Resin Bonded Paving, Attenborough Building, Leicester University

HMS has recently completed a resin bonded footpath project at the Attenborough Building, Leicester University. The footpath features a striking Amber Gold resin bonded paving, offering a low-maintenance and slip-resistant solution.

This innovative paving not only ensures safety but also mimics the appearance of loose stones, providing an aesthetically pleasing and functional addition to the university campus. The project showcases HMS’s commitment to delivering quality outdoor surfacing solutions in educational environments.

New Hall School, Chelmsford

During 2023, HMS successfully installed resin bound paving at New Hall School in Chelmsford, focusing on access ramps. Resin bound surfacing, known for its easy-care, durability, and aesthetic properties, proves to be a versatile solution for enhancing outdoor spaces. The project reflects HMS’s commitment to delivering high-quality and visually appealing surfacing solutions for educational environments.

Briar Hill & St Margaret’s School, Leamington Spa

EPDM at Briar Hill & St Margaret's School, Leamington Spa

HMS collaborated with Midland Construction to enhance the safety features at The Federation of Briar Hill & St Margaret’s School in Leamington Spa. Our installation crew set in place an EPDM Wet Pour surface, which is a specialised surfacing solution, ideal for ensuring children’s safety in playgrounds, soft play areas, and spaces around garden play equipment, both indoors and outdoors. This project reflects HMS’s commitment to providing high-quality surfacing solutions that prioritise safety, especially in educational and recreational settings.

Local Authorities

Collaborating with local authorities has been a cornerstone of our mission to enhance public spaces. Through various contracts, we’ve had the opportunity to contribute to the development of well-maintained surfaces in public areas, promoting accessibility and community well-being. We’ve worked closely with many local authorities over the years, but here’s a summary of the work we’ve conducted for local authorities in 2023:

Leicester City Council

Resin Bound Paving at Abbey Park Leicester

HMS has worked with Leicester City Council on a variety of projects during 2023 that are focused on enhancing road safety and aesthetics. These projects include the application of high friction surfacing to improve traction in critical areas, overbanding techniques to seal cracks and extend road lifespan, and the use of resin bound and bonded surfacing for both functionality and decorative purposes.

These diverse approaches showcase our commitment to implementing a range of surfacing solutions tailored to specific needs, contributing to the safety and visual appeal of the city’s roads and public spaces.

Coventry City Council

Resin Bound Paving - J7 off the ring road in Coventry

In collaboration with Phoenix Surfacing, HMS has successfully installed 1,800m² of resin bound surfacing in two colours beneath the ring road in Coventry.

This initiative, carried out in line with Coventry City Council’s Local Air Quality Action Plan, is designed to establish more direct walking and cycle routes for pedestrians. The use of resin bound surfacing not only contributes to the aesthetics of the area but also aligns with the city’s efforts to enhance air quality and promote sustainable modes of transportation. This joint project underscores the commitment of both Phoenix Surfacing and HMS to creating environmentally conscious and pedestrian-friendly urban spaces.

Mansfield District Council

HMS collaborated with Galliford Try on behalf of Severn Trent for a project associated with Mansfield District Council’s redevelopment and city centre regeneration. This partnership suggests that HMS is actively contributing to the infrastructure development and urban renewal efforts within Mansfield.

The involvement of Severn Trent also indicates a focus on water and wastewater infrastructure, which is crucial for sustainable urban development. This collaboration reflects a concerted effort by multiple stakeholders to contribute to the positive transformation and revitalisation of Mansfield’s city centre.


In a year that highlighted the importance of healthcare infrastructure, we are grateful for the chance to contribute to this vital sector. Our work with healthcare facilities aimed to provide surfaces that meet the stringent safety requirements, supporting the well-being of patients and healthcare professionals alike. Here’s an overview of some of the healthcare projects we completed in 2023:

Care UK’s Oat Hill Mews Care Home

HMS, in collaboration with Clegg Group, undertook a project to enhance the communal gardens of Care UK’s Oat Hill Mews care home in Market Harborough. The team installed resin bound surfacing to provide a visually appealing and durable solution for the communal outdoor spaces. This project underscores the commitment to creating aesthetically pleasing and low-maintenance environments in care facilities. And the collaboration between HMS and Clegg Group indicates a joint effort to contribute to the well-being and quality of life of residents at Oat Hill Mews through thoughtful and innovative landscaping solutions.

Care UK’s Oak House Care Home

HMS also completed a project in Care UK’s Oak House care home in Slough, where the team laid resin bound paving in Dorset Gold. This ensured the surface was smooth yet had a slip-resistant finish to the communal gardens, prioritising the health and safety of its residents by minimising slip and trip hazards.

The use of resin-bound paving further ensures low maintenance and durability, guaranteeing that the communal gardens will continue to look great for years to come.

Audrey House, Kingsway Hospital, Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

HMS achieved significant improvements at Audrey House, Kingsway Hospital, part of Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. As part of the building refurbishment, the team successfully installed EPDM safety surfacing to enhance safety in two recreational outdoor areas. In addition, two more outdoor spaces transformed with the sleek and durable touch of resin bound paving.

Audrey House now boasts a refreshed appearance and top-notch surfaces that are built to last. The successful realisation of this vision is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the HMS team. Kudos to all involved in making this project a reality!

Gratitude for Our Clients and Team

None of these achievements would have been possible without the trust and collaboration of our esteemed clients allowing us to be a part of these significant projects.

Equally, our dedicated team has played a pivotal role in turning challenges into triumphs. Their hard work, expertise, and commitment to excellence have been the backbone of our achievements in 2023.

Looking Ahead

As we embark on a new year, we carry the lessons learned and successes achieved in 2023. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and remain committed to delivering exceptional surfacing solutions across sectors.

Here’s to another year of growth, collaboration, and the pursuit of excellence in 2024! Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our journey.

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