November Roundup

November has been a busy month working with local authorities on safety schemes as winter sets in.
Anti Skid Surfacing for Leicester City Council

As the weather has been turning more wintery, in November we were predominantly focused on reactive maintenance and safety related schemes. Cold, wet weather accompanied by frost, snow and icy conditions are hazardous for both vehicle and pedestrian traffic, so at HMS we have a number of safety orientated solutions to get roads and footpaths winter ready.

Netherhall Road, Leicester – Premier Road Surfacing
Water, or more specifically frozen water, can be extremely destructive to tarmac and concrete structures, causing loose road surfaces, potholes and other dangerous conditions. Our HAPAS/BBA approved Flexi-Band product seals fretting and cracking in tarmac and concrete surfaces to prevent water ingress and prolong the life of the surfacing. Our product can be applied to all types of damage ranging from hairline cracks through to potholes and construction joints. Offering a high-PSV finish, the over-banding can either be left exposed, or re-surfaced over, like our most recent scheme on Netherhall Road. 

These types of repairs can save Local Authorities huge amounts of money when compared to a full resurfacing project, and with up to 5,000Lm able to be applied in a single shift, our Flexi-Band is both efficient and cost effective.

Selly Oak New Road, Birmingham – McPhillips
Thermoplastic imprinted paving is extremely hard-wearing commercial grade surfacing generally used for traffic calming, high traffic routes and demarcation such as bus-only access and other high stress locations.

Commonly found in places such as city centres and new large scale infrastructure, works to Selly Oak New Road were no exception. Finished using a bright red colour and effective herringbone non-slip pattern, several areas where installed to traffic splitter islands, crossing points, roundabout run off areas and other high traffic points across the site. our hot applied imprinted paving offers both a visual delineation and a change in road texture when driving, for areas where safety is the top priority.

Lots of High Friction Surfacing…Birmingham, Luton, Manchester, Leicester…
High friction surfacing has long been used for improving braking distances, visually alerting drivers to changing road conditions and increasing pedestrian safety on areas such as crossing points. With braking distances increasing between 10 and 20 times in cold and frozen weather, anti-skid surfacing is a great way of improving toad safety across the countries network. Our HAPAS/BBA approved products are available in a wealth of colours, and can be opened to traffic in as little as 30 minutes.

This month has seen several schemes completed including green bus-gates in Birmingham, crossing areas in Luton, speed awareness in Oxford, multiple locations throughout Greater Manchester and a large scale safety design scheme in Leicester City.

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