Resin Bound Tree Pit FAQs

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Resin Bound Tree Pit

Read below our Resin Bound Tree Pit FAQs

Q: What is a resin bound tree pit?
A: HMS Resin Bound Tree Pits are similar to our pedestrian and vehicle grade resin bound paving, but specifically modified to be applied around tree bases and root systems, and other no-dig areas. It comprises resin and stone, hand laid to a smooth finish, usually on top of a granular, free draining subbase such as hardcore or sand.

Q: Is it different from normal resin surfacing?
A: Principally no, but with some small changes. HMS Resin Bound Gravel Tree Pits are constructed with a larger grade of stone, usually 6-10mm, and laid at a deeper thickness, usually 50 – 75mm.

Q: Is it still porous?
A: Yes, absolutely, and if anything, it’s actually more porous. Larger stone sizes mean larger spaces between the aggregate particles, allowing more water and free movement of air, to protect the health of the tree and its root ball system.

Q: Can it be used with watering systems?
A: Yes it can. Our resin bound gravel tree pits are designed to allow water to pass through naturally but are also fully compatible with root watering systems such as Green Leaf.

Q: Why are they used?
A: As with other types of resin flooring, our resin tree pits have advantages over other more traditional paving options. For example, Iron tree grilles are more expensive, collect rubbish, and are difficult to clean, plus they are also completely inflexible, which could damage a growing tree. Resin tree pits flex to allow movement of the tree roots, are cheaper to install and replace and can be easily cleaned with industrial street cleansing equipment. And we think they look much nicer too! Contact us today to see how we can support your outside resin flooring projects.

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