Resin Bound Tree Pit Surfacing

A resin bound tree pit allows water and air to reach tree roots. They are low maintenance and look great, making them perfect for commercial projects in urban or landscaped areas.

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    What is a resin bound tree pit?

    Specialist Surfacing for Trees

    Resin Bound Gravel Surfacing & Tree Pit

    Resin bound gravel tree pit surfacing from HMS is a water permeable surface treatment for the base of trees. 

    It allows air and water to circulate to the root system while providing a surfacing solution that has all the benefits of resin bound paving.

    Natural Aggregates

    A wide range of aggregates are available, allowing you to select the most appropriate option for your surroundings.

    Porous Paving System

    SUDS compliant, water can drain to the tree roots, preventing excess surface water or flooding.

    Aesthetically Pleasing

    Match your tree pit surfacing with the landscape surrounding your tree for an attractive finish.

    Porous Paving Solution

    Urban Tree Pits

    HMS can install our resin bound tree pit surfacing to incorporate your water system, ensuring your trees are well watered. They are also:
    • More cost effective when compared to traditional grilles
    • Easier to sweep and keep litter free
    • Easily colour-matched to the surrounding landscape
    • A solution to ensure air and water can circulate to the tree roots
    • Free from stone migration
    • Odourless and include UV stable resin options
    • Accessible for wheelchairs and pushchairs
    • SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) compliant.

    Permeable Surfacing Treatment

    SUDS Compliant

    Resin Bound Surfacing - Water Permeable

    Our tree pit surfacing solution is a permeable surface treatment that is SUDS compliant. This means that excess and surface water can naturally drain through its highly porous surface and into the tree roots.

    It offers excellent air and water circulation to the root ball, along with reduction in flood risks, overflowing of drains and standing water.

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