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We've pulled together all you need to know about Resin Bound paving systems in our FAQ guide.
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How much does resin bound paving cost?
It is difficult to quote a cost per square metre for resin driveways as each project has completely unique considerations and specifications. Generally speaking though, projects would typically cost from around £40 per square metre upwards depending on the size of the area, existing floor and type of aggregate.

How long does resin bound driveway last?
Resin bound paving is a long-lasting durable surface. While guarantees vary between 5 – 20 years, when properly installed and maintained, they can last for more than 25 years.

Are resin driveways slippery?
With resin bound driveways, resin and gravel are mixed together before being applied. When the material is laid down, it is smoothed into a layer 15-20mm thick with the appearance of contemporary gravel. Despite its smooth texture, once the initial film of resin has worn from the top (with general weather and traffic use) and combined with the additional anti-slip properties of translucent sand or glass, the product should be no more slippery underfoot than a conventional tarmac surface.

Can you jet wash a resin drive?
The short answer is yes – you can jet wash a resin surface such as a resin bound driveway or patio… When jet washing any resin surface, care must be taken not to damage the area. Always ensure to follow manufacturer and/or installer aftercare guidance when using a pressure washer on your resin bound or bonded system.

Do resin driveways need planning permission?
Resin bound paving is permeable, SUDS compliant and for this reason, planning permission is generally NOT required for garden/domestic surfaces using resin bound paving (whereas planning permission is needed for work over five square metres if using traditional materials like impermeable concrete).

How long does a resin driveway take to dry?
Our resin bound surfaces are suitable for use after 6-8 hours for pedestrians and 16-24 hours for all small vehicles. For heavier vehicles, we recommend 24-48 hours to ensure the surface has completely cured. Curing times alter throughout the year as the product is affected by temperature – always consult your installer for information regarding when your surface will be safe to use without the risk of causing damage!

Are all resin driveways permeable?
Resin bound surfacing is water-permeable when laid on an open surface asphalt. By contrast, resin bonded surfacing, or ‘scattercoat’ paving is non-permeable and must be laid on a non-porous fine wearing course asphalt or concrete base.

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