Flexi range joint sealing

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Flexi Range Joint Sealing

What is joint sealing used for?
Flexi®Range joint sealing from HMS is a road repair system that can be used to treat cracking, fretting, potholes and other damage to asphalt or concrete roads, footpaths and other areas of heavily trafficked hard standing. It can also be used to seal expansion joint between concrete decks ahead of resurfacing, and on areas such as bridges, flyovers, slip roads and underpass.

What is the product?
Flexi®Range from HMS is a hot applied polymer-modified bitumen-based compound mixed with selected reinforcement fibres and natural aggregates including a 70+ PSV bauxite option if required. The material can be adapted to meet with the required criteria and usage, and a British Board of Agrement approved product is available.

Is it cost effective?
The short answer is YES! For a number of reasons; flexi-band is considerably cheaper than full resurfacing of damaged roads, or can be incorporated in as part of a wider resurfacing programme. Our product can both fix existing damage to the carriageway while also protecting against further degrading from wear and tear, damage and weather ingress.

Our product can be applied throughout the winter, at night and in inclement weather. HMS offers fully comprehensive rolling traffic management, meaning no need for costly and disruptive road closures or diversions. With 3,000Lm + or multiple patching able to be completed in a single shift our process is fast and efficient as well as representing exceptional value for money.

What is the life span?
Our road repair treatments have an expected lifespan of 15 years+. Our hardwearing bitumen offers improved elastomeric performance coupled with high quality bauxite and granite aggregates to withstand the heaviest of traffic. It is also highly resistant to petroleum solvent and mineral oils, reducing the risk of product failure.

Is it proven to be suitable?
Yes, absolutely – our product exceeds criteria as per Highways England HE-DMRB-P CM 231 Pavement surface repairs (formerly HD 31/94, HD 32/16), and holds BBA certificate 20/H299.

From as little as £2.00 per linear metre, contact us today to discuss your road repair options.

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