Why Specify High Friction Surfacing

Why specify High Friction Surfacing? Here are 5 top reason why you should choose High Friction Surfacing.
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Why specify High Friction Surfacing? Here are 5 top reasons to answer this

  1. Backed by the British Board of Agrement: all of our products and our installers are regularly audited and accredited by the BBA, and carry a HAPAS certificate for type 1 use and application on the highway. This regulation offers our clients the assurance that not only are they receiving the best quality material in line with the specification, but that it is being applied by NVQ qualified and BBA certificated installers.
  2. Safety of all road users: our high friction surfacing reduces braking distances as well as visually demarcating changing traffic conditions. This feature increases road safety for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike, and is a tried and tested accident prevention tool, used by almost every local authority in the UK.
  3. At HMS we have been offering epoxy, MMA and thermoplastic based high friction surfacing options for over 30 years. Serving local authorities and carrying out adoptive S278 works across the country, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our dedicated vehicles can offer a fully encompassing services as well as in-house traffic management to Chapter 8.
  4. Longevity and value for money: all of our high friction surfacing products represent excellent value for money across our range. Available in numerous standard colours and finishes, and suitable to be overlaid with thermoplastic lining, our teams can install 300m plus per shift. Proven to have increased efficacy and longevity compared to high PSV asphalt, and easily repairable our high friction surfacing is the cost-effective solution to its part in traffic safety management.
  5. Tried and tested by our clients; many thousands of square meters of high friction surfacing has been installed nationwide for our valued customers to include Tameside Council, Leicester City Highways, Bedfordshire Council, Balfour Beatty, McPhillips, Morris Homes, Murrill Construction and many more.

About HMS

HMS has more than 25 years’ unrivalled trading history in providing high quality resin based surfacing treatments for Highways England, Main Contractors, Local Authorities, National Home Builders and private individuals.

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