Why resin bound for commercial paving?

Resin bound paving is most commonly used for domestic driveways, but it is equally suitable for commercial paving especially cycle lanes, bus lanes, car parks and wider landscape projects thanks to a number of features.
Green cycle route at Leicester University

Resin bound surfacing is stronger than concrete and has the additional benefit of having the aesthetically pleasing appeal of natural gravel or stone. Several other attributes also make this a superior surface for commercial paving.

Looking for a decorative finish?

Although gravel surfacing is far more appealing to the eye than concrete, it does come with several shortcomings; high maintenance, stone migration and weak and inadequate for trafficked areas, to name but a few.

Because resin bound paving uses resin to bind naturally sourced gravel or stone, it provides the same aesthetic values as gravel surfacing, but with the strength of concrete. Not only do these two features contribute to its superior qualities, but it also comes in a wide variety of colour options that make it perfect for cycle routes, bus lanes and car park demarcation.

What’s more, HMS uses naturally sourced and graded stone that produces stunning results, blending with surrounding landscapes. These features help make resin bound surfacing the ideal range for commercial paving in conservation areas or heritage sites.

Permeable, SUDS complaint surface

With the increase in flooding over recent years, many local authorities are developing plans to follow Government guidance on flood risk. This is where major commercial developments should ensure that sustainable drainage systems are put in place to manage surface run-off and reduce flood risks, unless demonstrated to be inappropriate.

Resin bound paving from HMS complies with the Government’s Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) and ensures excess surface water can naturally drain, reducing flooding and relieving pressure on main drainage systems.

By installing a resin bound surface system it means you can install hard landscaping without the need for planning permission.

Hard-wearing with a smooth finish

If you’re seeking a hard-wearing surface for a car park or footpath, then resin bound paving provides a smooth, long lasting finish with no loose gravel. This makes it ideal for ensuring good disabled access and guaranteeing a smooth finish for pushchairs, children and bikes.

This hard-wearing solution also handles heavy traffic well and is the ideal solution for access roads, bus lanes, slip or service roads.

Design your own surfacing for logos, patterns or shapes

By choosing resin bound surfacing, you can add single or multiple colours to create borders, curves, patterns or even logos, numbers and shapes. At HMS, we have an unlimited range of colours for bespoke, innovative designs and will work with you to ensure your specifications are met to bring your vision to life!

Low maintenance

A resin bound surface minimises weed growth and mould whilst also reducing puddles of standing water and therefore ice formation. With maintenance and upkeep budgets becoming increasingly expensive, this type of commercial paving will guarantee practically no onward maintenance costs.

Not only will this type of surface continue to look great many years down the line, but it’s also more economical, helping you to save money and improve your profit margins.

Minimum 20-year life expectancy

The longevity of resin bound paving lends itself perfectly to commercial paving. When installed correctly, HMS guarantees a minimum life expectancy of up to 20 years or longer! Because of the flexibility with resin bound paving it can withstand all types of weather conditions.

Whilst concrete cracks during harsh cold conditions or potholes appear in severe or heavy rainfall, resin bound paving remains intact ensuring little or no maintenance, but more importantly no additional cost outlays to repair broken surfaces.

Looking for inspiration?

At HMS, we are proud of our high-quality resin bound surfacing installations. Trading for more than 25 years’, means we are trusted by contractors from all sectors to deliver an aesthetically pleasing and hard-wearing surfacing solution.

Over the years, HMS has produced a wide array of beautiful landscapes of all sizes, styles and scales. We have a wide selection of past projects including landscaped areas, heritage sites, housing developments and large-scale commercial projects, plus many more.

Why not take a peek at some of our past projects for inspiration or simply see for yourself the stunning results a resin bound paving system can bring to any project!

About HMS

HMS has more than 25 years’ unrivalled trading history in providing high quality resin based surfacing treatments for Highways England, Main Contractors, Local Authorities, National Home Builders and private individuals.

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