Transforming City Centres with Innovative Paving Ideas

As cities continue to grow and evolve, urban regeneration schemes play a crucial role in revitalising city centres. A frequently overlooked aspect of these schemes is the power of innovative paving solutions.
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From flexible rubber surfacing for parks to resin bound and bonded paving for footpaths and pathways, a wide range of options are available to regenerate city centres. In this article, we will explore various paving ideas that can breathe new life into city centres, from flexible rubber surfacing and resin paving to high friction surfacing and coloured surfacing for cycle and bus lane demarcation.

Flexible Rubber Surfacing

Inner-city parks are essential spaces for residents and visitors alike, providing versatility amidst concrete jungles. To ensure the durability and safety of these spaces, flexible rubber surfacing is an excellent paving choice. Made from recycled rubber materials, this type of surfacing offers several advantages.

Most importantly, it provides a soft and cushioned surface, reducing the risk of injury from falls. Moreover, it is slip-resistant, making it an ideal solution for areas exposed to the elements or areas where standing water is common. Additionally, flexible rubber surfacing is highly durable and requires minimal maintenance – making it a cost-effective solution for busy city parks.


EPDM Wet Pour for Children’s Play Areas

Creating safe and engaging play areas for children is an important aspect of city centre regeneration schemes. Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) is a popular choice for surfacing children’s play areas as it provides a soft and impact-absorbing surface, minimising the risk of injuries children receive when they (inevitably!) fall.

It is highly durable and resistant to weather conditions, ensuring engaging, enjoyable and safe play spaces for years to come. EPDM is also available in a wide range of vibrant colours, adding aesthetic appeal to the play areas and stimulating children’s imagination.


Resin Paving – Resin Bound or Bonded

Resin bound and bonded paving is another innovative solution that can transform footpaths and parks within city centres. This type of paving combines natural aggregates with a clear resin binder, creating a smooth and visually appealing surface.

Resin bound paving offers excellent permeability, allowing water to drain through and reducing the risk of flooding. On the other hand, resin bonded paving provides a non-permeable surface, ideal for areas where water drainage is not a concern. Both types of surfaces boast impressive durability, capable of handling traffic for many years! This kind of endurance guarantees it is more than capable of handling pedestrians year after year after – you get the point!


High Friction Surfacing

Ensuring safety on city centre roads and pedestrian crossings is paramount, and top of the agenda for our councils across the span of the nation. High friction surfacing is a specialised solution that enhances skid resistance, particularly in areas prone to accidents or heavy traffic. This type of surfacing is commonly used on pedestrian crossings, traffic lights, ramps, and areas on roads with sharp corners.

By improving traction, high friction surfacing helps to reduce the risk of accidents, making city centres safer for pedestrians and motorists alike. At HMS this has been our bread and butter since our conception 30+ years ago, we have seen the results first-hand and have many a testimony from local councils – this type of surfacing makes our roads SAFER!


Coloured Surfacing – Cycle & Bus Lane Demarcation

To promote sustainable transportation and improve traffic flow, it is essential to have well-defined cycle lanes and bus lanes within city centres. Coloured surfacing is an effective way to demarcate these dedicated lanes, increasing their visibility and reducing the chances of accidents.

Vibrant colours create a clear distinction between the lanes and the surrounding areas, making it easier for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians to navigate the city safely. Coloured surfacing also adds aesthetic value to the urban landscape, contributing to the overall visual appeal of the city centre.


Incorporating innovative paving ideas into city centre regeneration schemes can have a transformative impact on urban spaces. From providing safe and vibrant play areas for children to enhancing the aesthetics and safety of footpaths and roadways – these paving solutions contribute to creating sustainable, functional, and visually appealing cities.

With the help of HMS, city planners and urban designers can breathe new life into city centres. By embracing flexible rubber surfacing, resin bound and bonded paving, EPDM for play areas, high friction surfacing, and coloured surfacing – together we can make our cities more welcoming, accessible, safe and enjoyable for residents and visitors alike.

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