The importance of ‘Green Spaces’ on employee health and wellbeing

With the first few weeks in January often being perceived as a challenging time when it comes to employee mental wellbeing, it gets many businesses thinking about how they can help to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees (and ultimately, productivity).
Pye Homes Developments, Blenheim Palace, Resin Bound Surfacing

What’s the answer? Many believe it’s the provision of ‘Green Spaces’ that are suitable for staff to enjoy, relax and get a little exercise!

There are many studies, which have shown that doing any form of physical activity can significantly improve an individual’s mental health. So, by businesses providing green spaces where employees can go for a stroll or a simple break from their desks, it can not only have a significant impact on employee health and wellbeing but also boost productivity.

To achieve this, it often involves employing commercial landscapers to transform a business’s outdoor space using a mixture of hard and soft landscaping to ensure the space is accessible and ‘green’!

So, where does HMS fit in?

As resin surfacing contractors, we help commercial landscapers, architects, and civil engineers create bespoke landscapes that bring together humans and nature for us all to enjoy! We ensure these spaces are accessible through footpaths, cycle lanes, and other pedestrianised areas.

What’s more, our resin bound paving is SuDS-compliant meaning it replicates the natural landscape by allowing water to permeate the ground. So, in a nutshell, we can provide a hard landscaping solution that doesn’t disrupt nature!

But resin bound paving is just one of our surfacing solutions … we also provide non-permeable resin bonded paving, which provides the same finish as loose gravel, but without the stone migration!

Benefits of Resin Bound SuDS-Compliant Paving

Being permeable, resin bound surfacing is leaps ahead when compared to other decorative surfacing treatments. With water being able to naturally drain into groundwater or watercourses, it removes any pollutants, reduces surface water runoff, and facilitates biodiversity by providing cleaner and naturally filtered water. It is therefore the perfect choice for:

  • Green spaces that want humans and nature to work together
  • Landscaped areas that include trees and foliage
  • Areas around water features that are prone to standing water
  • Sections of land that are prone to flooding
  • Spaces with a high footfall that require hard standing to prevent erosion and boggy areas – without impacting the natural environment

Resin bound paving is also an asset to any project! Not only is it at one with nature, but it also adds a certain amount of class to any project:

  • HMS uses the highest-quality naturally sourced aggregates to achieve a first-class finish.
  • Long-lasting and can last up to 20 years if installed in the correct conditions and to a good-quality subbase.
  • Not only is it hard-wearing, but it’s also low maintenance with very little weed growth, algae, and mould build-up … so it will continue looking great for years to come.
  • Although it has a smooth finish (perfect for wheelchair access), it’s still slip-resistant, making it the perfect choice of surfacing for autumn and winter walking!

Benefits of Resin Bonded Paving

Resin bonded paving is a great alternative to loose gravel or stone, as it achieves the desired look, but without the stones moving or displacing over time and leaving bald patches. Other benefits include:

  • Zero weed growth due to the surface being sealed prior to application, which results in 0% weed growth!
  • Resin bonded paving is extremely durable and hard-wearing and can handle vehicle traffic as well as pedestrians.
  • It has a high-friction finish and is ideal for slopes, ramps, and winter conditions.

It is, however, non-permeable, so additional drainage is often required, and it isn’t SuDS-compliant. However, this can have its plus points. By sealing the subbase, it prevents water (and ultimately frost) ingress, enabling it to stand the test of time.

One additional point to consider is its high abrasive qualities. Yes, these qualities make it the perfect surfacing for slopes and ramps, but it’s not ideal for children’s play areas.

To cut a long story short, HMS can provide decorative surfacing that looks great and blends with the natural environment as demonstrated in some of our previous projects from last year:

Park View Woodstock – A joint venture with Blenheim Estates and Pye Homes

Resin Bound Paving, Park View, Blenheim Estates & Pye Homes, Woodstock

Here we laid approximately 2,000m2 of resin bound paving to all public open space footpaths. ‘Always building belonging’ is the aim of Blenheim Estates and is one of the many reasons why resin bound paving was chosen. Not only does the aggregate colour compliment Blenheim Palace, but it also blends with the recently built new homes and the surrounding countryside.

The fact that it’s a SuDS-compliant, permeable paving solution also corresponds with their aim of ‘always building belonging’, where the hard landscaping complements and works with nature.


Regeneration and pedestrianisation on St Georges Street, Leicester

Resin Bonded Paving, St Georges St, Leicester

As part of Leicester City Council’s transformation of St Georges Street in Leicester, HMS was asked to install resin bonded and bound paving to the pedestrianised routes and rainwater gardens on behalf of Danaher and Walsh … and what a difference it made.

The improvements have made a massive difference to the look and feel of the street, helping to create a much more attractive area for businesses and a safer, more inviting route for pedestrians.

Communal gardens, car park, and cycle lane surfacing for La Riviere Apartments

We loved the finished results of both the communal gardens and the car park, but the combination of the silver-grey and contrasting spring walk aggregate for the car park and cycle lane, really makes this project stand out from the crowd.

The silver-grey aggregate mix for the garden also worked well, blending seamlessly with the raised beds and garden furniture. Installing resin bound paving has turned a previously dull and uninviting garden into an alluring space for residents where they can spend time exercising and enjoying the outside.

In total, we laid 1,100 metres of resin bound paving to the communal footpaths, courtyards and gardens as well as the car park and combined cycle lane.

Play area and bike shelter at New Hall School

We were appointed by CIK Construction to lay approximately 500m2 of resin bound paving to the nursery recreational outdoor space and the bike shelter. It’s perfect for use in a school or educational setting for several reasons:

  • Saves money. Its hard-wearing properties ensure excellent durability and a long lifespan.
  • Slip resistant. It’s smooth yet slip resistant finish acts as a great safety feature ensuring fewer trips hazards and/or slips or falls.
  • Looks great!

For more information on our resin bound or bonded surfacing solutions, call and speak to a technical expert at 01858 881111 or email Alternatively, contact us via our website for a free site survey or quote.

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