Resin Surfacing benefits for the winter

Get ready for winter by having a resin outdoor surface installed.
Decra Set bound paving being applied

Winter weather means colder and wetter conditions therefore surfaces can become slippery due to ice or slimy leaves.  Our resin bonded surfacing can make your outdoor spaces not just looking great, but safer too.

All of our Decra®Stone surface products are compatible with de-icing products.  This means that with suitable pre-treatment your driveways and footpaths won’t turn into an ice rink this year. The non-porous, abrasive texture of the finish, allows surface water to run straight to drainage. This creates a more slip resistance surface which is valuable in the winter months.

Winter weather dirt and leaves can easily be removed with a yard brush or leaf blower, or if you’re feeling really enthusiastic, you can use a quick blast of a fan-setting pressure washer.   It will make your driveway look like new.

Similarly our Decra®Set resin bound products can also be beneficial in winter weather conditions. A fully porous construction means no standing water as water is able to soak into the ground.  This means you are less likely to get dangerous frozen puddles and slip hazards. Decra®Set can also be treated with de-icing salts and chemicals.  Its smooth uniform finish means it great for areas where clear uninterrupted access is required, such as schools, hospitals and other municipal buildings. With no loose aggregate, our product is also highly recommended for those with limited mobility, and access equipment such as wheelchair users.

Speak to us today about how our Decra®Set and Decra®Stone surfacing product could make a real difference to your outdoor space this winter.

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