Resin installation hints and tips

We share some hints and tips about installing a resin surface.
HMS Installation video

With all DIY tasks, prior preparation and sound knowledge of the job ahead is the best way to achieve a top quality outcome, and this couldn’t be truer when it comes to the preparation and application of decorative surfacing.

The team at HMS have put together a list of hints and tips to ensure your installation is as smooth as possible, supported by our super-informative, free to download Installation Videos

  • Choose a dry weather day above 5c… don’t risk the rain and frost as this will spoil your finished look. Check the weather forecast!
  • Read the Application Guide and watch the Installation Videos carefully before starting work.
  • Make sure all of your tools and equipment are clean, in working order, and to hand before starting work.
  • Take time to thoroughly clean your work area, making sure there is no surface dirt, such as garden waste, moss, motor oils or leaves.
  • Think about whether you need some extra help – large areas should ideally be completed with a 2 -3 man team to ensure a smooth process.
  • Keep tools clean of excess material by cleaning with a small amount of white spirits and a soft lint-free cloth during and after your installation. Use white spirit sparingly as this can affect the curing performance of the resin if over-used.
  • Make sure you have enough material to complete your job BEFORE starting – we recommend allowing for a 10% contingency to be safe!
  • Allow adequate time to finish your project – take time to pay attention to the finer details to achieve a great end result.
  • Consider how you will protect your finished work area while the material cures. In cooler temperatures this could be up to 12-18 hours

View our installation videos here.

You are also welcome to come and visit our purpose built showroom in North Kilworth 8 minutes from Lutterworth.

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