Resin Driveway Care & Maintenance

Read our blog below to find out what you need to do to maintain and care for your resin bound or bonded driveway.
Driveway Care & Maintenance

Our resin systems are designed to look fantastic without the requirement for time consuming or costly care and maintenance. HMS Decra-Set resin bound and Decra-Stone resin bonded systems are developed to be weed free, create little or absolutely no loose stone from the surface and generally require very little care, other than a periodic light sweep or pressure wash if you feel like it!

Our resin systems are robust enough to stand up to anti-moss and fungal treatments and can be cleaned with most household detergents, plus a wide range of other specialist cleaning products should accidents or spillages happen! Cleaning can be aided by using a normal garden brush, and nylon or natural fibres are recommended – do not be tempted to use wire or metal brush heads as this could scratch and damage your finish.

For both systems, pressure washing using a domestic machine set to the patio or ‘fan’ setting is a great idea for a spring refresh. Particularly beneficial for our Decra-Set resin bound, as the porosity within the product can get blocked with dirt and fines over time, and as such a quick once over with a pressure washer will restore functionality and free-drainage instantly. 

As with all decorative finishes, it is always beneficial to protect your surface from potential damage, rather than needing repair options. For example it is recommended to place protective boarding under skips and scaffold legs to reduce the chances of accidental damage.

We provide aftercare advice for all supply-and-fit customers, as well as our material sales clients to pass to their respective end-users. Should you require any further information or advice in relation to cleaning, maintenance or repairs, do not hesitate to contact us.

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