Optimum weather for resin bound…

Find out how weather can play a big part in laying resin bound surfacing, what are the best conditions to lay resin bound
Optimum weather for resin

Our contractor quality resins are manufactured to the highest industry standards, giving excellent flexibility in terms of laying conditions compared to others products on the market. To get optimum results we recommend following the below guidance to get the best results for you and your customers:

  • Try to store resins and stone in ambient, dry conditions, such as inside a garage or shed to reduce the likelihood of water ingress, or extreme high and low temperatures throughout the year.
  • Never use bags of aggregate showing signs of water ingress or dampness, and always ensure that resin tubs are sealed and fully intact before use.
  • Resin systems perform best in temperatures between 5c – 25c – if the weather is particularly hot or cold consider that the tarmac/ground temperature may be even hotter/colder. At RSD we recommend the use of a temperature probe to be on the safe side!
  • Resin and rain do not mix… water ingress to any uncured resin system can cause ‘blooming’ or whitening within the product which although doesn’t affect the performance of the surface, can adversely affect the appearance. Always make sure your surface is thoroughly dry before applying resin paving products.
  • Hot weather will cause resin surfacing systems to cure much more quickly than when used in cooler temperatures. Be aware that your pot-life for mixed product and window for installation will be reduced if installed in very warm weather, or on to a warm surface.
  • Similarly the opposite is true of extreme cold – resin systems can take 48 hours + to fully cure in cold weather and extreme low temperatures can also lead to increased moisture levels in the air and ground, risking whitening in the product.

For further information on resin application, visit our showroom for impartial technical advice from one of our industry experts, or why not book on one of our top-rated training courses?  

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