Maintenance for Resin Bound and Bonded Surfaces

Maintenance for Resin Bound and Bonded surfaces during the cold months is not as hard as you think. Find out more and read our latest blog.
Maintenance for Resin Bound and Bonded surfaces

Whether it’s due to ongoing COVID restrictions or because it’s dark, wet and freezing for the most part, our outside spaces are probably a bit neglected at the moment and not at the forefront of our priority list! Maintenance for Resin Bound and Bonded surfaces is not as hard as you think it maybe.

The good news is that both our Decra®Set resin bound and Decra®Stone resin bonded paving systems are very low maintenance, and won’t be negatively affected by rain, frost or snow. After a winter of sitting under a blanket of fallen leaves, ice and general winter dirt, both products can be swept, or pressure washed off, revealing a surface which is as good as new.

In addition, our resin bonded paving offers enhanced slip resistance, even in wet and sub-zero conditions, adding an increased safety factor to driveways, footpaths and other pedestrian or vehicle areas. With our Decra®Stone paving you can use your outdoor surfacing with confidence, both on foot and whilst driving.

Similarly, our porous resin bound paving can reduce the likelihood of standing water and subsequent frozen puddles with its naturally free-draining feature. Both systems can be treated with grit, salt and de-icing products for added winter safety.

It is recommended that de-icing products should be cleaned off or swept away when no longer required, to avoid unnecessary build-up on the surface.

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