Improve Accessibility with Resin Bound Paving

Improve accessibility with resin bound paving to help those with mobility impairments as well those who use buggies and prams.
Decra set resin bound

For some clients with impaired mobility, finding a surfacing solution that both looks good and performs in terms of utility can be hard. Improve accessibility with resin bound paving to help make those with mobility impairments.

The Problem:

Traditional surfacing options are not always mobility-aid friendly; for example, gravel can be problematic in its nature, and be almost impossible to navigate with a wheelchair or for those with wider mobility issues or even those who use pushchairs.

Other materials, such as concrete and asphalt, may appear more suitable initially, yet when inclement weather is thrown into the mix, their limitations become immediately apparent. For a longer-lasting solution, Decra-Set resin bound surfacing can help mobility-impaired people to enjoy outdoor spaces more safely, whether this is at home, in public, or within a commercial or leisure setting.

Contemporary Permeable Surfacing:

In a country where rain seems to be the default weather option, the SUDS compliant and fully permeable build-up of Decra-Set resin bound surface proves to be a particular plus point for people with limited or compromised mobility. Surface porosity drains away surface water, both mitigating the dangers associated with standing water, and avoiding frozen puddles in winter.

Characterising excellent anti-slip properties and a seamless, joint free and level surface which can be successfully treated with de-icing products as well as moss and weed treatments, our resin bound paving is the obvious low-maintenance solution for any project requiring accessible hard landscaping.

The Solution:

Overall, installing a porous resin finish can help improve accessibility for mobility equipment users across a varied demographic. Ease of access is paramount, and resin’s streamlined finish makes this feature a tangible reality. Unlike other surfacing materials, resin has been constructed with the future in mind, built to stand the test of time. Although materials such as gravel may appear to be cheaper initially, a Decra-Set resin bound paving installation is far more cost effective in the long-term, with its minimal maintenance requirements and superior longevity.

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