How Long Does Resin Bound Gravel Take to Dry…?

Find out how long resin takes to dry depending on the weather, and what are the other factors that effect curing times.
Laying Resin Bound Surfacing

Our resin systems are suitable for year-round application, but did you know that curing times can alter dramatically throughout the year?

Our resin systems are expertly designed to withstand a broad range of temperatures from 5 to 35 degrees Celsius, however ground temperatures should also be considered. For instance, on a warm sunny day at 25c, the ground temperature of tarmac can be in excess of 40c!

Principally, the warmer the weather, the quicker our resin products will dry. This is good news for being able to use your new surface quickly, but means our installers have to be able to work fast and efficiently through the summer months! In the peak of summer your resin driveway could possibly be ready to use within 6-12 hours, however we would always recommend leaving the area un-trafficked for up to 24 hours just to eliminate any possibility of damage.

Conversely, in cold weather both or resin bound and resin bonded systems can take in excess of 48 hours to fully cure, so this should be considered when planning your scheme through the winter months. Our resin systems perform best in plus 5 degrees Celsius, as this reduces the possibility of blooming through damp ingress to ensure the best possible outcome for your project. When laying in winter months, don’t forget to check the overnight temperatures too, as product laid in the day will likely still be partially uncured during the first night.

Always try to protect your uncured surface from damage – this includes pets and delivery drivers where possible…! HMS will always leave your finished project barriered off with cones and chevron tape, and clear signage to remain off the area until fully cured.

For more information on seasonal installations, do not hesitate to contact us.

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