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At HMS, our work tends to change during the Winter, when we shift our focus to road safety, including surfacing repairs and anti-skid, ensure road safety for the public over the winter months.
Road Safety, Road Maintenance with Joint & Crack Repair

As the temperature drops further and the days get even shorter, some resin surfacing contractors may be more focused on winding down and laying low for the foreseeable – or at least until you can venture outside without clinging to a flask!

At HMS, our work tends to change slightly this time of year, when we shift our focus towards surface repair work to ensure road safety for the public over the winter months. Crack and pothole repair alongside overbanding take priority in our office over these cold, dark months.

Our resin installation trucks each contain heaters for our IBC containers, ensuring we can lay resin surfacing throughout the winter!

Overbanding, joint, crack & pothole repair

All the maintenance work we do is to help prevent costly road resurfacing bills. Without treatment from HMS, road surfaces can completely fail, which results in them becoming unsafe. The sealing of joints or cracks is vital in preventing water ingress that can lead to further problems down the line, and this is before you consider the need for inconvenient road closures coupled with traffic management (TM) that would heavily affect travel routes over the festive period.

For the repair work we do, if TM is required to complete the work, we provide our own to enable the flexible and more efficient application. So, let’s introduce you to our Flexi®Range!

  • Flexi®Band

    An easy and rapid application that provides a stable and effective repair to reflective cracking.

  • Flexi®Seal

    For long-term durability, cracks are removed with a diamond saw to leave a uniform channel, which is then cleaned, dried, and sealed flush to the existing surface.

  • Flexi®Screed

    If damage is severe, the surface is mechanically planed, cleaned, dried, and then treated with a polymer-modified sealant. The surface is finished with a lightly rolled hot aggregate for a long-lasting repair with a non-reflective, skid-resistant finish.

  • Flexi®Joint

    Required for repairs with a greater depth – potholes for example. We excavate the area, clean, and dry the surface and then install a bitumen glass fibre gauze underlay. The aggregate filler is then cleaned, dried, heated, sealed with a polymer-modified sealant, and then compacted with a roller. To ensure the area is watertight, a coating is screeded across the area and then the surface is dressed in a non-reflective, skid-resistant aggregate.

Hot-applied Anti-skid high friction surfacing

Not only does our Flexi®Range help keep the roads safe for all its users, but we also regularly apply anti-skid high friction surfacing. Widely used by local authorities as part of road safety initiatives, anti-skid is applied to areas where accidents are more common or deemed to have a greater risk of happening.

This type of surfacing gets its high friction properties from the calcined bauxite aggregate which boasts high abrasion resistance and can hold its surface texture much longer than asphalt – even in high-traffic areas. As this aggregate type can be coloured it is perfect for providing junctions, roundabouts, and pedestrian crossings with warning signs for road users.

Our hot-applied high friction surfacing is laid using a thermoplastic binder by mixing the aggregate and bonding agent at a high temperature. This is then applied to the chosen area via a screed box in a strip formation – ensuring maximum coverage and correct texture. Such important work should only be undertaken by qualified installers and HMS is BBA HAPAS Type 1 certified for hot and cold works – the highest quality standard granted by the BBA.

Cold-applied resin surfacing

Our cold-applied resin surfacing can keep in our purpose-built IBC blankets to keep the resin warm, which provides minimal prep work. The large containers can be reused and re-filled for each job, saving approximately 55 buckets going to landfill for every 1,000 litres used! This more environmentally friendly method has other perks as the resin is non-hazardous and so doesn’t require special treatment with regards to storage or its application.

To conclude, we are proud of our ability to function all year round and we know our clients appreciate the extra steps we have taken to ensure we can do so. A shift in demand around this time of year provides a healthy variety to our work and making our roads safer makes Christmas at HMS even more enjoyable!

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