Garden Safety during summer

Garden safety during summer is something that can easily get overlooked. Read our top tips on how you can stay safe whilst gardening.
Garden Safety during summer

With many of us spending more time outside during the warmer summer weeks, it makes sense to avoid anything that could take the fun away! We’ve pulled together our top tips for garden safety during summer.

  • Wear the right clothing – When UV levels are high wear a long-sleeved top and lightweight clothing. This will also help to protect from scratches and scrapes when in the garden.  As much as we all love flipflops, they are not the most sensible of footwear especially when you’re working with tools.  Protect your hands against cuts, soil, insect bites and skin irritants by wearing protective gloves when gardening.
  • Check your equipment before use – ensure that all electrical machinery you use has a residual current device (RCD).  This means the power will cut off should a power cable or flex is cut through. Check equipment is in good working order and that it is kept cleaned when you put it away. 
  • Never use electrical equipment in wet weather – or by pools, taps or sprinklers.
  • Lawnmower safety – common lawnmower injuries include wounds and bone fractures involving hand and feet.  Also, eye injuries can be caused by the mower blades from flicking up debris.  To avoid these injuries always wear enclosed shoes when mowing and invest in some safety goggles or glasses.  Switch off from plug and not just from the machine when carrying out maintenance work and cleaning (also applies to other electrical machines).
  • Sun safety – avoid going out during the hottest part of the day.  Wear sunscreen with a minimum factor 30+ and reapply every two hours.  Ensure you are well hydrated before and during gardening plus take regular breaks to avoid heat exhaustion and exhaustion in general.
  • Identify and remedy tripping hazards – are there loose paving stones in your garden? Did you know the most common garden accident is a fall? One of the best ways to reduce hazards caused by loose pavers is to replace a tired path with a resin bound surface. The porous, SUDS compliant finish is available in a wide range of colours, is smooth underfoot and has absolutely no stone migration! It is also very low maintenance saving you time and energy in the garden.  
  • Check locks and gate fittings – if children and pets use the garden make sure they are safely enclosed and any gates are shut.
  • Water for wildlife – just as we need to keep hydrated in the warmer weather, garden birds and other wildlife also need a supply of water. Create water areas for birds to drink from and cool down in, and place a water bowl for any visiting hedgehogs.

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