Best Resin Surfaces for Educational Settings

HMS have provided surfacing solutions to educational sector for many years! Find out the best resin surfaces for educational settings.
Resin Bonded Surface Dressing

Here at HMS we have been providing surfacing solutions for schools and the education sector for many years. The best resin surfaces for educational settings include:-

  • EPDM wet pour safety surfacing is excellent for children’s play areas, games areas and under play equipment. Comprising of two integral layers of rubber crumb and specialist polyurethane based resins to create a safe level of impact absorption in varying thicknesses depending on the maximum fall height risk. Our Decra®Play not only conforms to the British Standard for fall height risk assessment, but is available in a wide variety of colours. EPDM wet pour surfacing can also be shaped into logos, patterns and prefabricated shapes of any description, so you’re never limited on design! Read our FAQs on EPDM wet pour surfacing to find out more.
  • Decra®Set Resin Bound Paving is porous, seam free hard paving suitable for all types of traffic and especially good for accessibility due to its continuous texture and zero stone migration. Allowing water to drain freely, this mitigates the issue of standing water and frozen puddles in winter, both of which can be dangerous and inconvenient for children and staff. Outdoor resin flooring is designed to be used anywhere with hard landscaping and available in 50+ standard colours. Request for resin bound samples to see for yourself.
  • Coloured Surfacing where the choices of colours are endless, and with the option for high friction non slip application, it offers both design and safety features. Our coloured surfacing is great for playground marking, walkway and safety demarcation and anywhere else benefiting from bold, bright colours. Suitable for all traffic, safely mark out carparks and vehicle access, with pedestrian safe areas etc. Available in standard bold colours, and bespoke blends to any RAL number our coloured surfacing is the bold and economical choice.

Contact us today to discuss how specialist resin paving from HMS can improve your education setting!

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