Benefits of resin bound paving for commercial spaces

Resin bound paving is used a lot in commercial areas because of its durable, low-maintenance, and permeable properties, and it looks great!
Resin Bound Path - Commercial Paving

What’s more, it doesn’t need much upkeep and can be used in many different ways, making it more popular among contractors. Whether you’re looking to revamp a business car park and walkways, or looking to install SuDS-compliant paving in a new housing development, resin bound paving offers an eco-friendly and attractive choice that makes outdoor spaces look better in business settings.

Understanding resin bound paving

Resin bound paving is all about creating a strong surface by mixing natural stones with a sticky substance called resin. This mix is then spread onto a surface between a depth of 15mm and 24mm (40mm – 100mm for tree pits) for every square metre. This makes it strong enough to handle pedestrian and light vehicle traffic in places like shopping centres, shared access driveways in housing developments, car parks, or POS footpaths.

What’s more, by mixing the resin and aggregates it creates a series of fine holes that let water pass through to groundwater sources, preventing flooding and surface damage caused by standing water. The result is an attractive hard-wearing surface that requires very little maintenance and upkeep, perfect for commercial businesses.

Advantages of choosing resin bound paving for commercial areas

Resin bound paving is a great pick for places like car parks and walkways because it’s tough, looks good, and doesn’t need much looking after. Because it lasts a long time, there’s often very little need for repairs and maintenance probably involves jetwashing once a year … and that’s being conservative …. saving you money in the long run!

On top of that, there’s a wide range of choices when it comes to aggregate sizes and decorative styles, making it easy to fit different landscaping ideas. Plus, it’s fully permeable, making it a SuDS-compliant surfacing solution, a win-win for housebuilders or commercial contractors with environmental concerns.

Durability and longevity

Once set, resin bound paving is a tough surface and lasts for many years, which is perfect in city centre locations where there’s a high concentration of pedestrians as well as vehicular traffic. This is due to the strong resin binder, which keeps its shape and doesn’t get damaged easily.

It also stands up well against sunlight exposure due to the UV-stable resin protecting it from discolouration and fading, which means it stays looking great for years to come with very little maintenance.

Aesthetic appeal and versatility

One big plus of using resin bound for paving in commercial places such as shops and offices is how good it looks and how you can create interesting designs. With resin bound, there’s a variety of colours and sized aggregates meaning you can create different textures and patterns that can reflect logos or particular patterns. Plus, with resin bound paving, if you can’t find the colour you’re looking for, resin bound paving companies such as HMS, can create one-of-a-kind mixes that match exactly what you want.

This ability to customise makes resin perfect for many commercial businesses as they can tailor it to their specific requirements.

Low maintenance

Another benefit of using resin bound paving in places like shops and offices is that it’s easy to maintain. With resin bound, you don’t have to keep resealing or putting new coats on. All that’s required is a quick clean with a jet wash now and then, making sure it stays looking good. This ease of care reduces time and hard work, saving money on maintenance in the long run. Therefore, businesses can have an attractive and practical area without all the fuss that usually comes with keeping pavements in good shape.

Resin paving applications in commercial spaces

Car parks and driveways

Resin bound paving is a great fit for car parks and driveways, especially in places where businesses operate. Its durability comes from resin bound gravel, which can handle the hustle and bustle of vehicle traffic without showing signs of wear, such as cracks or damage. With its ability to bear the weight and movement of cars effortlessly, it’s no wonder why it’s chosen so often for these areas.

On top of its durability, taking care of resin bound surfaces doesn’t require much work at all; this means less time and money spent on keeping them looking good. What’s more, with different aggregate sizes and unique blends available, you can customise your space to look exactly how you want while still ensuring it remains durable enough to stand the test of time —making both practicality and aesthetics a priority in enhancing commercial spaces.

Walkways and pedestrian areas

Due to the little maintenance required to upkeep resin bound surfacing, it becomes the perfect paving choice for areas with high footfall. What’s more, because these resin bound surfaces are permeable they help manage surface water runoff, preventing flooding and surface damage caused by standing water.

Another weather condition where resin bound paving fares well, is sun exposure. Due to the UV-stable properties of resin bound, the surface doesn’t discolour, fade, or lose its strength over time. Ensuring your resin surface is installed by experts, such as HMS, makes it even more durable, long-lasting, and high-quality.

Outdoor patios and recreational spaces

Choosing resin paving for outdoor patios and places where people congregate in commercial areas, such as pubs, bars, and restaurants is a smart move. The smooth, yet slip-resistant features ensure there aren’t any trip or slip hazards for gusts. What’s more, you can use resin to make garden paths that link different parts of an outdoor area, making it look more interesting. Thanks to the wide range of colours and designs you can pick from, you can match the paving with the style of your space.

Cost of resin bound paving

When considering resin bound paving for your project, you’ve got to consider not just what you pay upfront but also how much money it saves over time. It’s true that the initial outlay of resin bound paving costs more than more traditional paving solutions, but because it’s hard-wearing and needs little maintenance you’ll recoup your money after the first couple of years.

Initial investment Vs. long-term savings

When comparing the initial investment and long-term savings of resin bound paving, it’s important to consider the cost per square meter and the potential maintenance and repair costs. While the initial cost of resin paving may be higher than traditional paving options, the long-term savings can outweigh this initial investment. Resin bound paving typically costs between £80 to £100 per square meter. However, the lower maintenance requirements and durability of resin paving can result in significant savings over time. Traditional paving often requires regular cleaning, sealing, and repairs, which soon add up in terms of time and money.

In contrast, resin bound paving is low maintenance and long-lasting, reducing the need for ongoing maintenance and repairs.

Initial Investment

Long-Term Savings

Higher upfront cost per square meterLower maintenance and repair costs
No need for regular cleaning and sealingReduced risk of cracking and deterioration
Durability and longevityLess frequent need for replacement
UV stable and colorfastNo need for frequent re-colouring or resealing


Sustainability and environmental impact

If your commercial business is environmentally conscious, then resin bound paving is a great choice as water can easily soak through to groundwater sources, reducing flooding, and pollution in rivers, and lakes. This means it’s SuDS-compliant, helping built-up areas manage flood risks and pollution. On top of that, some types of resin bound paving use recycled aggregates, so we’re not always taking stone from the Earth. Additionally, because resin bound paving is so durable and last for many years, businesses don’t have to replace it as often. All in all, choosing resin for your commercial space is a smart move if you care about being kind to the environment.


To wrap up, resin paving is a strong and aesthetically pleasing option that needs little maintenance, making it great for commercial areas. With its ability to be used in different ways and being eco-friendly, it’s no wonder why so many choose it for parking areas, footpaths, and communal areas. Putting money into resin bound paving at the start can save you cash with its durable, hard-wearing, and low-maintenance properties as well as help prevent flooding and waterway pollution.

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