Benefits of High Friction Surfacing

High Friction resin surfacing is often used in areas such as pedestrian walkways and paths.
Anti skid

If you’re a car driver, cyclist or general road user, you may well be familiar with the site of High Friction Surfacing out on our country’s roads. Tens of thousands of metres are laid every year just by HMS alone, in order to improve road safety and ultimately saves lives.

High Friction Surfacing from HMS is designed to be laid to highways ranging from country lanes to motorways and main trunk routes, with the main focus being safety of road users across the highways network. Here at HMS we only source the best quality, industry certified materials designed to be used in the highest stress and traffic volume areas.

Our surfacing helps to reduce braking distances, and skidding on uneven surfaces or other dangerous areas such as adverse cambers or tight corners. Available in a wealth of colours, our High Friction Surfacing can be discreet to blend with the environment, or bold and bright to draw attention to the hazard, and fully compatible with line marking for extra visibility.

Did you know that High Friction Surfacing can also be used for off-highways application, such as pedestrian safety walkways, car-park demarcation, safer school routes and much more? Our product gives excellent under-foot slip resistance for general use, and is especially good for more hazardous areas such as ramps, steps and even bridge decks. With the flexibility to lay to metal, concrete and tarmac, our High Friction Surfacing is the cost-effective, industry accredited way to improve safety across a multitude of public, private and commercial areas.

So as the weather deteriorates and the rain, ice and snow are on their way, think about how High Friction Surfacing from HMS could improve the safety of your roads, footpaths or public realm areas. With winter-grade materials available, it’s not too late to make improvements for this winter right now!

About HMS

HMS has more than 25 years’ unrivalled trading history in providing high quality resin based surfacing treatments for Highways England, Main Contractors, Local Authorities, National Home Builders and private individuals.

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