10 reasons why you should always choose UV-stable resin

Ever wondered why you should always choose UV-stable resin when laying resin bound paving?
Resin Bound Shared Access Driveways - Housing Development

Here are our 10 reasons why!

    1. UV-stable

      Being a UV-stable mix, the finished product becomes extremely resistant to discolouring or fading. Comprised of Aliphatic Polyurethanes the resin can retain its clear colour and is unaffected by UV radiation.

    2. Fully controlled curing

      Our UV-stable resin consists of a two-part, 50/50 mix. A catalyst can be used to control the setting time of your mix – making it the perfect resin solution for the colder months.

    3. Durable

      The resin of this specification is most commonly known for its longevity and its ability to be easily cleaned. The 50:50 ratio is designed to form stronger chemical bonds which results, upon completion, in a more durable & reliable surface.

    4. Flexible

      Due to its chemical makeup, UV-stable resins can provide flexibility, therefore, being able to resist cracking throughout its entire lifespan – making it a popular choice for consumers and developers alike. As it is soft whilst it’s being applied, it enables surfacing contractors to get creative with their designs and can make an uneven surface flat (within reason).

    5. Use with all aggregates

      As mentioned previously the resin can resist UV radiation and therefore stays transparent. This means that almost any aggregate colour or type can be used within the mix – a luxury non-UV resins cannot afford.

    6. Smooth yet slip resistant

      Being a modern alternative to more traditional surfacing such as concrete, tarmac, or loose gravel, UV-stable resin binds loose aggregates giving it a lifespan equal to the prior 3 methods noted. It results in a surface that trumps these methods by aesthetic appearance and that has a completely flat, smooth finish with zero trip hazards or stone migration. Powdered glass is applied to the surface whilst it is curing which gives it more grip, even in the wet.

    7. User friendly

      If you have never laid resin bound paving before, HMS can teach you how in just a single day. Our training courses are run by experienced industry professionals and are designed to be practical, informative, and hands-on. If you haven’t got the time to attend one of our training days, then check out our website for video tutorials and application guides to show you how it is done.

    8. SuDs compliant

      This resin type complies with the government’s Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) – which enables surface water to permeate the ground. This helps reduce flooding in built-up, urban areas whilst also relieving pressure on the local mains drainage system.

    9. Longevity

      There are a few notable factors that contribute to the longevity of this type of surfacing. Weather-resistant features mean that the final product will not soften in heat or freeze in minus temperatures. Weeds cannot grow through the resin, and it is resistant to fuel or oil spillages.

    10. Diversity

      The hard-wearing nature of this product makes it perfect for roads or car parks as it is more than capable of handling heavy traffic. Its non-slip, low maintenance characteristics make it a viable option for footpaths and driveways also. Its wide range of colours/textures makes it a perfect fit for gardens and heritage sites as well, effortlessly transforming any outdoor space.

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