10 good reasons to choose resin bound!

So, what exactly is resin bound paving? For those of you who don’t know, resin bound is a decorative surfacing solution that’s created by mixing aggregate and resin together in a forced action mixer. This mixture is then trowelled onto a surface to provide a seamless finish.
Resin Bound Dementia Garden

It’s quickly becoming the surfacing of choice for architects, landscape designers, and civil engineers and is often applied to pedestrianised areas in city centres, housing developments, leisure and recreational spaces, educational settings, commercial outdoor areas, car parks … and the list goes on.

But why is it so popular? Here are the 10 main reasons why resin bound paving is often specified:

#1 Permeable SuDS-compliant paving

Resin bound is a permeable and SuDS-compliant paving solution, meaning water can drain through the surface to reach groundwater sources or watercourses … and is probably one of the main reasons why it’s specified by architects and civil engineers.

SuDS or Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems are designed to minimise floods and pollution caused by urbanisation and increased surface water runoff. As a result, England, Wales, and Scotland have measures in place to ensure SuDS are used in all new developments.

This is where resin bound paving steps up to the table! Being SuDS-compliant, it can be used within a SuDS as it replicates the natural environment by allowing water to drain into groundwater sources, removing pollutants, reducing surface water runoff, and facilitating amenity and biodiversity. What’s more, it creates a surface that is as strong as concrete and tarmac, so it can withstand pedestrian and even vehicular use!

#2 Reduces standing water

As we’ve already heard, resin bound paving is a permeable surfacing solution, which stops puddles or standing water from forming. In turn, this ensures the surfacing continues to look great for years to come with the prevention of mould, mildew, and algae forming.

It, therefore, becomes the surfacing of choice for areas that are:

  • prone to flooding or as part of a flood defence scheme
  • landscaped and includes trees and foliage
  • around water features and swimming pools
  • driveways with poor mains drainage
  • susceptible to standing water.

#3 Natural water treatment

When water drains through resin bound paving, the process mimics the natural environment and filters, removes, or reduces any impurities that may be in the water. This ensures when the water meets the groundwater sources or watercourses, it will be free from pollutants and waterways are supplied with clean water.

If you compare this to more traditional drainage systems, they simply flush pollutants directly into drains, watercourses, and groundwater sources.

#4 Reduces the effect of ‘Urban Heat Islands’

Urban Heat Islands or UHI is where the climate is warmer in a town or city when compared to the surrounding countryside and is caused by roads, pavements, and buildings absorbing heat.

With resin bound being a porous paving solution, it allows air to circulate permitting the ground underneath to breathe, letting heat dissipate and reducing surface temperatures.

In contrast, concrete or tarmacked roads and pavements absorb and retain heat, making the areas that surround them warmer. By replacing tarmac or concrete with resin bound, architects, landscape designers, and civil engineers are reducing the effect of the ‘UHI’.

#5 Avoids planning permission delays

Government, planners, and local authorities look favourably on surfaces that use resin bound paving. With it being a porous paving solution that’s SuDS-compliant, water can permeate the ground reducing the risk of flooding, pollution, and standing water … and will therefore, speed up the planning process if specified in the planning applications. Especially important when ensuring project deadlines are met.

#6 Resistant to weather conditions

Unlike more traditional paving solutions such as tarmac or concrete that soften during high temperatures, or crack during the winter months, resin bound paving is rarely affected by the weather.

It doesn’t soften during the summer months when temperatures are high and because of its porous properties, water drains through the surface, reducing the impact of the freeze-thaw effect that causes cracking on other more traditional surfaces.

And if using a UV-stable resin, the colours don’t fade under direct sunlight … all contributing to resin bound paving still looking great years after it’s been installed.

#7 Minimal maintenance

Once installed, resin bound paving has the additional benefit of being extremely low maintenance. If installed correctly, there should be zero weed growth through the surface.

Occasionally, the odd seedling may embed itself on the top of the surface, but these are easily removed by intermittently sweeping and the odd jetwash.

#8 Durability

Resin bound paving is incredibly hard-wearing and can withstand large amounts of pedestrian footfall and regular vehicular traffic. With minimal maintenance, it won’t show any signs of wear and tear and will continue to look great for years to come.

#9 Long lifespan

If installed correctly and maintained yearly, resin bound paving can last for more than 25 years. Guarantees can vary between 10 – 20 years and are normally only issued if a survey has been conducted on the base build-up.

#10 Asset to any project

Resin bound paving is quickly becoming the most practical paving solution for architects, landscape designers and civil engineers, but it also ticks the box as a luxury surfacing choice.

Not only does it deliver on all the above, but it also looks great and will continue to do so for many years!

There you have it, resin bound paving in a nutshell! So, if you’re thinking about installing or specifying resin bound paving for your project, HMS can help.

We have a team of City and Guilds and NVQ-qualified supervisors to head-up teams working up and down the country for local authorities, main contractors, house builders & developers. And we always deliver a first-class installation.

We also ensure our installation crews are available 24/7 because we understand that sometimes highway work can only be conducted overnight due to road closures. All of our operatives hold CSCS, traffic management, and NVQ qualifications as a minimum.

We offer excellent guarantees on product and workmanship and are fully insured. We hold ISO 9001, are a member of CHAS and Constructionline, and can be found easily on the NBS Source platform.

If you have any queries or questions, please contact our technical team for more information.

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HMS has more than 25 years’ unrivalled trading history in providing high quality resin based surfacing treatments for Highways England, Main Contractors, Local Authorities, National Home Builders and private individuals.

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