Safelane - Preventing ice forming on roads & pathways

Safelane surfacing can help to reduce gritting costs during the winter months. It is a specialist surface overlay system that prevents ice build-up on roads & pathways.

Safelane from Safecote

Reducing surface ice during winter

Installed by HMS, Safelane from Safecote is a specialist surface overlay system comprising of 1-3mm or 6-10mm aggregate and is applied using an epoxy resin.

The aggregate used in the overlay surface acts like a sponge, allowing de-icing chemicals to sink deep into the pores of the Safelane aggregate and is subsequently released slowly when the temperature drops to freezing point.

Resin Bound Surfacing - Coloured Surfacing

Reduces ice Build-up

Safelane surface overlay treatment has the ability to reduce the formation of frost, ice and snow.

Protects surfaces

It protects the surface base from corrosion and deterioration by ingress of chlorides and moisture.

Reduction in Costs

A reduction in labour and material costs associated with gritting, maintenance and repair.

What's Safeline used for?

Safelane is recommended for use on footbridges, cycle-ways, public transport boarding areas, loading bays, railway platforms and approaches to toll barriers. All will benefit from:

  • Less salt is used which results in reduced corrosion to structures
  • The epoxy barrier acts as an impermeable barrier to eliminate water and chloride intrusion
  • Areas can be pre-treated at a time that is suitable to you
  • Lessens environmental impact due to the reduced use of de-icing chemicals
  • Decreases labour and material costs related to road/pavement maintenance and repair
  • Suitable for areas requiring anti-skid surfacing

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