Imprint Paving FAQs

Are you thinking about imprinted paving for your next project. We’ve put together the answers to our most popular imprint paving FAQs.
Imprinted Paving FAQs

Here at HMS we work with our partners to deliver top quality thermoplastic pattern imprinted paving to commercial, highway, and industrial clients throughout the UK. We’ve put together the answers to our most popular imprint paving FAQs below…

What is imprinted paving?

Decra®Print is a thermoplastic (hot applied) pattern imprinted material comprising of specialist resins, polymer modified binders, aggregate, and reinforcing material. It can be produced in a number of standard and specialist highly pigmented colours, and imprinted with an assortment of patterns to replicate blocks, slabs, pavers and cobbles.

Where is it used?

Due to its incredibly hard-wearing nature, Decra®Print is normally used on and off the highway in high stress areas to include traffic calming such as table tops and speed humps, bus lane demarcation, vehicle over-run areas, HGV routes, and other heavy trafficked areas. it is also suitable for pedestrian use such as footpath and public realm environments.

What are the construction details?

Decra®print should be applied to asphaltic/tarmac bases and is not usually suited for a concrete application. The installation thickness is nominally 15mm with an imprint impression between 4 – 11mm. Application of imprinted surfacing is a hand-laid process with installers completing nominally 100m per standard shift subject to detail and site arrangement. The product can be opened to traffic once cooled.

Is it good value?

Commercially Decra®Print represents excellent value for money in comparison to the cost and longevity of other traditional surfacing options. Decra-print is designed to replicate familiar paving materials such as slabs, blockwork and cobbles whilst offering life span of in excess of 20 years, coupled with extremely low maintenance requirements. The product can be easily remediated and can be installed year-round.

Have you got a project in mind that could benefit from imprinted paving? Contact us today for more information and advice.

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