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Looking for a surfacing solution that takes on the appearance of block paving, but without the upkeep? Then look no further. Imprinted Surfacing from HMS takes on the appearance of block paving, is low maintenance and super hard-wearing!

Decra®Print Imprinted Surfacing

An Alternative to Block Paving

The compound is a synthetic (non-bituminous) asphalt based that is also reinforced with metal and glass fibres, making is super hard-wearing.

Decra®Print imprinted surfacing is a hot applied resin based compound that incorporates granite aggregate and graded rubber granules and is a fantastic modern alternative to paving blocks, slabs, and cobbles.

Minimal Preparation

Installation and surface preparation of imprinted surfacing is minimal in comparison to traditional methods, and therefore, highly reduces traffic disruption.

No Colour Loss

It does not suffer colour loss over time like some concrete products, making it a popular choice for urban areas.

No lift or movement

With traditional block paving, slabs or cobbles, over time they begin to lift or move. This does not happen with imprinted surfacing, meaning less maintenance.

Attractive Finish

It achieves the same attractive finish as block paving, slabs or cobbles, but is extremely hard-wearing.

Benefits of Imprinted Surfacing

Imprinted surfacing is a suitable paving solution for bus lanes, speed pads and general traffic calming.

It is also suited to village gateways, heritage areas and urban regeneration schemes.

It comes in a wide range of colours and can replicate many patterns including block paving, cobble granite sets and paving slabs.

  • No weed growth
  • It can be vacuum swept or jet washed
  • Variety of pattern and colour finishes available
  • Suitable for on all pedestrian & trafficked areas
  • It is quick to install with minimal site preparation

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