Resin Bonded Patios & Courtyards

Resin bonded patios ensure minimal stone migration, are easy to maintain and are slip resistant making them a great choice for paths, sloped outdoor areas and ramps.

benefits of a Resin Bonded Patio

A resin bonded paving system is a great choice for patios and outdoor garden landscaping. It has a wide variety of finishes, is durable and slip resistance, plus it’s a cost effective way to transform your space.

  • Minimal migration of loose stone
  • Low maintenance with little weed growth
  • Slip resistant for paths, ramps and slopes
  • Fully seals the base, prolonging the life of the underlying surface
  • Available in a range of colours & finishes

Our resin bonded patio system can be easily applied to existing good quality surfacing, such as tarmac or concrete, with minimal preparation required.

It is ready to use in under 24 hours and installation from HMS is fast and economical.

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